SIDDHAMRIT medicinal ghee available for sale

Medicinal A2 cow’s ghee --SIDDHAMRIT-- infused with extract of cannabis sativa from Uttarakhand available for sale.Ghee has been hand made in Uttarakhand over a wood fire, in a clay pot. 50 gram and 100 gram packing. Delivery by DTDC courier all over India.

Benefits of SIDDHAMRIT:

*Anti inflammatory
*Pain relief
*Anti seizure properties
*Combat anxiety and depression
*Fight cancer
*Reduce the risk of diabetes and improve HB1AC count
*Treat sleep issues
*Useful in arthritis, diabetes, dementia, autism, epilepsy, auto immune diseases respiratory, skin, liver, kidney and brain related diseases
*Can treat acne and other skin problems like psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis etc
*Benefits heart health. Better cholesterol profiles and lowered risk of cardiovascular disease
*Helps maintain brain health and create resilience to trauma and degeneration
*Acts as a rejuvenative tonic for those who are healthy

For prices and payment method e-mail, whatsapp, or call the following:

Contact person:Dr. Anjali Pathak
E-mail: chihwaja
Mob: 09450540363( whatsapp)

plz send me price of 100 gms and 50 gms mail