Setting up of large scale dairy farming

Dear members
We (our group) hv planned to setup a dairy farm starting with 500 cows & targeted to reach 2000+ as we grow old. We hv adequate land & now want to proceed further immediately. We are in touch with some consultants and hv initiated discussions. We plan to hv complete automated dairy farm to reduce cost of labour due to their nonavailabilty also. If any one can suggest, that should we proceed, how to proceed, equipments etc of which company, when & where from the cows are to be purchased, what should be the marketing strategy & what are the issues to be kept in mind  during installation and commissioning till we start production of milk.
Location is intensionaly undisclosed.
SK Yadav
+91 9425150653

Dear Mr yadav, it’s somewhat surprising , when you people are planning such a massive project and already hired a consultant, what are you expecting from forum member’s.
Dairy is such a massive subject and people should think not twice, many no of times before entering into it.
Any way good luck for your future project…
Thanks &regards ----Prathap.