Seeking advice to buy weeders to use in a dry land

   Dear friends , we have one acre land .We were advised by the Dept of Agri in Tamilnadu that the land is suitable for any crop except paddy cultivation. So we have planted 65 coconut saplings , a few mango , pomagranates , jack fruit ,and teak. Two years have passed and 45 coconut saplings have survived ; we tried to plant vegetable saplings but it is not promising .But a lot of weeds are growing around the saplings and curtailing the growth.As the manpower is not available to do pluck out the weeds I am planning to buy a weeder operated manually. Now my request is whether any such machine is available and if so from where can I get it ? please advice and message me .Thanks ....Chandran D .

You can get a petrol brush cutter like this: for around Rs. 20,000. But you can probably rent it from the nearest town for a few hundred rupees per day.