Secure room for keeping farm tools and rest room

Dear team

What are all the permissions i need to obtain in case if we are constructing a farm house/container/pre fab resting place?

I am planning to have 600Sq Ft room, which is mainly planning to keep farm/agri related materials, taking rest after work, possibly over night stay (since it is closer to main road, bit afraid of theft)

This agri land(holey) is located in karnataka.

Dear Sri Sanjeevrk, 

I am doing agriculture/horticulture in our Karnataka state, from year 2004_2005 on wards.  You may have to take a permission from village panchat officer , mainly for the purpose of getting a power connection for your farm house in your land. Presently , even the Electrical authorities are not insisting for certificate from the panchayat authorities, as the lands are not coming under panchayat limits. Except that, no one will question you.

Even your land will not come under village panchayat limits and your land comes in Revenue lands category. Hence you have to take a certificate from your village  secretary only. Very little amount may be paid to revenue department.

The farm house, if you are constructing with a bank loan, the bank officials may ask for this certificate. Any how please obtain a NOC, certificate from  your village secretary for your farm house. There is no limit for size of the farm house. Let it be a residence of you, of yours staff, a store room or a pump house room etc.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer

Thank you rao sir

since i am planning for solar based backup solution, didnt check the electricity connection yet sir, also have constructed RWH pond, and water will be pumped with solar panel input again

Will start posting updates henceforth

Dear Sanjeevrk,

Please remember, nothing can be safeguarded with a fool-proof solution & risk is there always. But try to mitigate risks so that you can avoid theft.

My suggestion is, since you intend to go solar, have solar panels mounted with elevated columns and construct a wall/pre fab sides so that it serves dual purpose. This way you can safely house inverter/battery & other power electronics too.

Hope this helps!


Saravana Kumar

SK sir

Exactly, based on other post, had communicated with zep and waiting for them to respond for puf panels price as well, only concern is , since they are too far, transportation might be an issue, need to find alternatives in Karnataka or neighbouring state

Thanks to Saravana & rao sir for their precious comment.
And sanjeevrk too because you have th einterest in farming & the most beautiful of your farming will be Solar based backup solution. No doubt there would be issue in starting you have to have faith in your hard work, everything will be great later on.
I think Govt. should encourage this types of activities to increase the value of farming.
I also have started it in UP in 2014, and from now there us no issue at all.

Hi Team,

I am planning to build a single room at farm for bore well motor and to keep some agricultural equipments.

If anybody is having the plan about the room,expenditure,material requirements,labor charges,please share, it would be great help.


Dear Sri Ravi,

A room size of 10_15 ft x 10_15 ft , with a height of 9 to 10 ft is sufficient for bore well motor control room and to keep some agriculture equipmrnts. Roof can be GI sheet or Asbestos sheet on iron truss or GI/ms pipes, on stone or brick wall, with 1 or 2 ft depth foundation.

Cost of construction will be @ rs 200/_ per sft to rs 350/_ per sft.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear G.P.Rao,

Thank you very much for your valuable suggestion.


Update 1

Sat with fabrication/welding bhai at nearby garage,
12 feet poles (3" dia, 3mm thickness) 6 in numbers, 4 screw plates will be welded in both the ends,
screw 12mm OD, 8 inch length
concrete base 1 1/2 feet size

12 feet poles cost comes closer to 10k,