Secondary topics related to watermelon cultivation

Dear Sri Guru,

We , Farmers should be with good hope, optimistic, while farming. We should not compremise , for inputs and for providing facilities to the plants, as it requires.

For good production ,some times we do mistakes and certain periods, due to nature adverse conditions, crop will be suffered. We have to do , what best can be done to the plant ,that too in time. we should take the result,positively.

Price variation of our produce will be there ,due to gap between supply and demand. If our produce is of good quality, we get the best price of that day in that market.

Wish you the best,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear G.P Rao sir,

Very true. I agree.

Thanks & Regards

Dear all,

Please find attached approximate cost of watermelon cultivation I incurred for 2.5 acres.

66,000 Rs on lumpsum basis

Reasons for lesser income:

  • Severe progressive sunburn
  • Surface damage by worms
  • Severe evaporation leading to insufficient water
  • Poor voltage problem and hence lesser water during summer as all the farmers use bore well pumps
  • Above all lack of experience + Remote operation of farm.

Thanks & Regards

Dear Guru saab,
Total loss of 80k
We should work out some strategy to make agriculture profitable for absentee farmers
Neved did watermelon cultivation
But seed price seems bit high
I have few doubts,
Why you didnt sell to hopcoms, even for 3 tons price would have been 36k
Remaining 15 tons you could have sold locally

Absentee farmers needs some working model

Dear Khannae sir,

I agree, we need to make continuous efforts to somehow manage to strategise agricultural operations to be profitable. (I did not include depreciation on drip and many more in which case the loss amounts to more than 1 lac).

Seed cost:
There are farmers who grow watermelons for seeds sponsored by seed companies. Heard from locals that companies pay around 3,000/- Rs per kg to these farmers and the company after doing value addition will sell at 40,000/- to end customer through dealers. This is just a word of mouth and may not be true.

Hopcoms is 160 kms from my farm. Transportation cost is 4,000/- for open bolero vehicle which can accommodate around 4 tons.
i.e., 3000 kgs * 12 = 36,000/- Rs. This price is for first quality fruit weighing b/w 2.5 to 4 Kgs with no superficial defects. My produce (with superficial defect) would have fetched around 8 Rs/kg which equals 3000 kgs * 8 Rs = 24,000/- Rs minus (transportation + cutting + loading) would have fetched 18,000 for every 3 tons. I approx. had around 6 tons of fruit falling in the weight bracket accepted by Hopcoms. So 36,000 is what I would have made. On the other side, local buyers will not come forward to buy left out crop whose weight is below 2 Kgs and even if they are ready would ask for very very meager price. So dropped the idea of taking all the labor involving risk.

Plus Hopcoms needs membership, a prerequisite of which is that the land should be on my name. Mine is a leased land and my land owner is a bit non-cooperative.
There is a wayout here. If I had variety of produce say veggies, some other fruits etc coinciding with my watermelon, then I had a fair chance with Hopcoms (would have hired a bigger vehicle to save on transportation cost). In my observation the issue with Hopcoms is quantity but they pay comparatively better price.

My banana crop is due for harvest in couple of months from now. Will see if it helps for my next watermelon crop which I am planning for Ramzan festival (June 6 to July 6).


Dear Sri khannae ,

You are right. It is not advisable ,to abscenty farmers to grow short duration crops, like water melons, Musk melons etc.

Here I want to bring one fact to the notice of our forum farmers that, in and around Molakala cheruvu area ( centre of , between Ananthapur and Chitturu dists), farmers grow Musk melens and water melons almost year round, and traders send them to Markets of Delhi,Mumbai, Kolcutta, etc and farmers get good prices and correct payments ,as they grow regularly.

Hence I suggest different crops for Abscenty farmers. They may grow social forestry plants like Teak, sarugudu ( survey), Mahagony etc,as risks are less, diseases are less and study market prices that in long time and land values will increase regularly etc.

fruit plants like Mango, Jack fruit plants, Sapota, Bers, ( newly came Aple Ber,),
. good and study markets, enough time for negotiations, once in a week supervising is sufficient, etc.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Guru,

Went through your experience and see the major expenses you incurred:
Seed Cost                       29,520
Polymulching + transporting 21,000
Labor for laying plastic mulch 6,000
Basal Dose                       21,600
Water soluable fertiliser       20,000
Pesticides+micronutrients+humic acid 12,000
Kerosene for pumping water                   5,000 I guess?
Total 115,120

Its almost the same trap other farmers are getting into!

Unless you can find a way of removing the above expenses… there is very less chances of getting a profit…

… and these fertilizers and pesticides you put are going down into the earth and in your well and tube-well water… will come back on your dining table water and will affect you and your family…

I would say A farmer who BUYS SEEDS is not a farmer!!! But we are all falling in the same cycle…

Actually as I see it… the problem is not in selling… but in growing… if you can solve that part… life would be easy…

I agree cent percent with Shri.G.P.R sir…In the name of technology if anybody incur huge expenditure without corresponding income level , Agriculture and farming will be a game of fool …

If you could not avoid over expenditure then do combine one or more crop simultaneously to compensate for excess expenses on farm inputs …

For example I encountered similar problem when I wanted to guide my friend in farming …Right from plowing till planting they charged high prices …The expected yield outcome was much below input cost …So we combined Banana with water melon …

Banana -G9 Tissue culture plant main crop …water melon as intercrop

Water melon yielded 16.3 MT per acre and fetched Rs.62,500 @ Rs.4 per kg
Banana yielded 32.0 MT in about 11 months and sold for 2,49,600 @ Rs.7.8 / kg

By following suitable intercrop or mixed crop we can manage high cost of inputs with more earning from unit area of farming


Thanks Buddingfarmer & Ramu sir. Will make a note of your suggestions and try to implement.


Dear G.P.Rao sir,

I inquired for Kaolin spray at some agro chemical shops but with no success. Can you please suggest a commercial name for Kaolin and where it is available?

Thanks & regards
Guru Prasad

Dear Sri Guruprasad,

Kaolin is a mineral powder like lime ( suddha ), china clay etc. It will be dug from mines, powdered and marketed. It is a natural product and like lime powder ( suddha )and/or china clay , but in depth, I don’t know clearly.  Most of the mines are in Rajasthan and gujarath. You can enquire in some chemical shops.

Hope it may be available in Avenue Road, behind SBM Head office building. Atleast they can tell you, where it will be available. Tell them that it is a mineral powder like china clay , lime base.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,      farmer

I planted watermelon a month ago {1st December} can i start ETHREL spray now & if yes then how many time & gap between each spray ??

This is 10 days old watermelon after sapling uses 25 days old.
Male flowers are going on…
Any suggestion?
Market info in Pune or Mumbai?

Mr Anish, Mumbai: +91 9167612477.

Request you to share the contact numbers of watermelon buyers in this post that you already have or that you will contact in future so that our friends in this forum can benefit.

Guru Prasad

Thanks. Got one number Mr Salve from Pune. He buys fruits all across India.
Looks good,will see.

Dear Govinda,

Please share the number of Mr Salve so that our fellow farmers can benefit when in need.

Guru Prasad

Gummy stem blight (GSB) is a major disease of many cucurbits , including watermelon, cantaloupe, cucumber , pumpkin, squash, muskmelon, and other melons. … The disease is also known as black rot due to its characteristic appearance on infected fruits. Watermelon field severely infected with D.