SALE: AGRICULTURAL LAND (19+ ACRE=32+ VIGHA) At Very Cheaper Rate in Gujarat

At Very Cheaper Rate


19.22 Acres = 7.69 hectares or 32 or 49 Vigha (76,891 square metres or 104270 square yards or 8,27,647 square ft) or Total: 769 Are (Guntha) Agriculture Land
The Land may be developed as farm house and horticultural Vadodara (Baroda) (New Chhota Udaipur) District. 20 kms. interior from Baroda- Chhotaudaipur SH Road, and 2 kms. interior from village Road Near Karali ,

 20 Kms. interior from Vadodara-Chhotaudaipur SH Road /BG Railway
 Bodeli/Pavijetpur taluka places, 90 kms. From Vadodara
 Near progressivd Villagec : Karali/Chalamli, Amadra Taluka: Bodeli, District : Chhota Udaipur, Past Vadodara
 19 Acre or 32 Vigha ( 1 vigha of 24 are or guntha)
 76000 sq metre or 827000 sq ft or 7.6 hectares
 No Zone Specified  Under Grampanchayat
 Nearly Rectangular shape, semi Level,
 Idle Agriculture Land (Not NA)
 Title Clear, Ready Possession, Owned by only One person. No Dispute
Suitability Remarks
 Well suitable for any type of horticultural/forestry plantation
 Suitable for any type of agricultural & Herbal Crops.
 Suitable to investors looking appreciation in 5-10 years
 Almost Rectangular Shaped Plot
 One constructed Dug well having seasonal irrigation water
 No specified Zone applicable
 Scattered / 2 kms. from the Village (A noiseless and natural, pollution free)
 Nationalized Bank, English medium school PHC within 8 Kms.
 some scattered residential within 100 mts. to 1000 mts.

Expected Price Rate INR  Rs. 3,30,000/bigha, or Rs. 5,50,000/acre maximum or Rs. 13,75,000/hectare
 Rs. 138 per sq Meter or Rs. 12.50 per sq ft approximately

 Price is indicative and subject to negotiation. This may be increased/decreased according to market trends. This is Thursday, July 12, 2018’s situations !

Special Terms/conditions / Clarifications
I am staying in Anand and the Land is 130 kms from Anand so I am unable to develop and manage the agricultural farm.
I want to buy the Land within about 50 kms. radius from Anand.
My preference would be in the taluka – Sawli, Waghodiya, Padara, Jambusar, Borsad, Nadiad, Kheda, Anand, Umreth, Anklav, Balasinor, Kathlal, Kapadwanj etc.
I want to buy Land not less than same area by not expanding more money coming from the sale of existing Land.
The charges for sale/purchase procedures, registration, brokerage or any other expenses should be borne out of the money receiving from the sale of existing Land.
So this would be an exchange of Agricultural Land in practical for my side at no loss no profit basis.
The final sale / purchase registration for existing Land only be made after final entry of the Land to be purchased for me.

Direct Contact and dealings is highly appreciable:
Ratilal Sudani (Owner), Anand, Gujarat, India
Cell Phone: +91 9427382368, 9978115968

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at Long term lease or EXCHANGE offer also available

Site of Agriculture Land: Off Bodeli- Kawant Road, Off Rangli Chokdi-Chalamli Road, Off Karali-Kothiya Road, Distt: Chhota Udaipur (Old Vadodara), Gujarat State