Rupees 1 lac 18 thousand and 400 income in 65 days in water melon under pf

Water melon " Vishala " yielded 29.600 MT in 65 days from out of one acre land under precision farming method. With even poor price of Rs.4 / kg it fetched a farm income of Rs.1,18,400 . With beautiful  golden yellow rind and red juicy flesh it looked attractive each fruit weighing on an average of 2.5 kgs …

Dear Sir,

Could you please give me the details of the practices followed, I am planning to plant watermelon in a trail plot of 0.2 acre, before going in a larger scale in feb-march next year.


Ramu sir,
              First of all, my heartiest congratulations on the harvest. This is truly motivating and encouraging. Please share more details. I would like to meet you personally. please share your contact details via personal message if you are not comfortable sharing it in public.


Wish you happiest Diwali …Sure we meet dear friend …