Rose greenhouse

Hello All,

I want to start a rose greenhouse in my home town - kanpur. What can be best source of getting information about rose farming, like what is the production cycle, what is the temperature and humidity range best suited for rose etc etc. Also what type of roses give you best ROI. Is there any option for exporting roses outside. I have worked previously close to some of the greenhouses in Bangalore which grow dutch rose but as they were big players, export was a easy option for them. Also bangalore has a huge market for floriculture. I am not sure about UP and Kanpur.

is there any one from UP or Kanpur who has previous experience of growing rose. What are the best source of selling these roses?


Shailendra below are a few I would recommend, but not limited to. Please ignore if already done

  1. Research as much as possible. Google, forums etc

  2. Talk to local farmers and find if there are anyone already doing it. Visit their farms if possible

  3. Approach govt horticultural offices (NHB, NHM). NHB is the national board headquartered in Guargaon. NHM is a state level office. There should be atleast one office per district of NHM, some places they make also call SHO or SO State horticultural office

  4. Approach any consultants if any in the nearby area

  5. From what I know, roses like any other produce grown in greenhouse/polyhouse, need moderate temps & humidity conditions. Temps above 40c & humidity of > 80% would not be desirable, as is the case with most Indian locations

  6. Approach the market, and find out from where they are getting their flowers. I assume even they get their quality roses from Bangalore

  7. Let us know how your research is going on