Rookie finally got started... :)

Hello All;

Thanks to everyone contributing to this forum.

I started off here … g-started/

Almost a year and half or two of waiting by the side and observing, researching,  talking to many people here, etc. I decided to get started few months back and focused on half of the land and tried to tackle it piece by peice…

The challenges had to be overcome and listing them here

  1. Non contributing caretaker - Had a clear communication with him that its not working anymore and had him replaced with another dedicated and hardworking person.

  2. The Ignored after affects and making things usable- In all the ignored state the land was in there was a lot of jungle that had come up. Got cleaned up by a JCB… Uprooted most roots of trees, etc. and then a tractor for doing uprooting of smaller roots(though not very effective). But the land became usable.

  3. Securing the periphery- Secured the periphery of the larger pience of land (Around 14 acres) with three lines of barb wires. With wodden poles of local tree called “Shemti”. It picks up life after watered and non living poles can be replaced later in the course.

  4. Water Management- Layed down some new pipes to get water to the focused area from the borewell directly.

  5. Tinge of technology- Drip irrigated the area focused for immediate cultivation (Drumsticks)

  6. Plantation - Planted around 1070 Drumstick saplings in November end.

  7. Additives-  Little single super phosphate, more of Neemboli Powder and Vermicompost bought from a local farm nearby.

  8. In the momentum - In the momentum also added
          i. Channa (under local grant procured at cheap rates) in a couple of fields
        ii. Watermelon (Sugar Pack) in 3-4 fields…
        iii. Cucumber in couple of fields

Next Steps:
  To plant high yielding mangoes in UDH/HD method in March. Typically will go for Relience Kesar if do not find any other alternative.

Things given a pass:

  • Papaya was given a pass
  • Mango plantation was given a pass as it was late till the drumstick plantation ended.

I would like to Thank Swamy and Kaustubh (Savera Farms) whom I have called and bothered with a few calls during my pre-planning stage. Also thanks to all the members who have been replying to everyone’s threads here.


Congrats Sujay  on your good start

keep going

All the best.

Uprooting all trees didn’t sound good to me. Can you please elaborate on what type of trees you destroyed. Trees will only help.

yes, uprooting all trees was not good idea as they help us in many ways such as pollination,eco balance , wind breaker etc…
trees only help human man kind in what ever best way. please re think of planting new trees along .

many thanks


There were few trees which were cut by the previous owner when we had bought the land a decade ago… a lot of jungle had come up on the cut trees too with random weeds and plants growing over them…

Just to make sure you get the point, maybe I have miscommunicated it earlier;
The whole trees are intact… What we have uprooted is the root and the remaining stems/roots of the trees and some random plants/weeds that had come up in last 5-6 years

I guess no farmer can afford to have a jungle come up and will have to clear unwanted weeds/plants that come up in a farming land.

Good luck, Sujay!

Yes, it is always a little tricky choice between letting the random trees and shrubbery remain to cultivate around them (or) clear them, reorganize and replant the trees. It is a different point if we are talking of larger trees, though.

Yes… big trees surely play lot of important roles as in integral part of the farm.

Apreciate if you share tech details like spacing of drumstick and water melon,
Did you use JCB to dig pits or manual?
Did you level the land?
Why did choose Rohit1 veriety in drumstick?
Did use plastci sheet mulching for water melon?

Also some post some pictures also will help.

Apreciate if you share tech details like spacing of drumstick and water melon,
Drumstick: Space between plants 6 ft. Space between rows 12 ft. Entirely Drip irrigated.
Watermelon: Space between plants 1.5 to 2 ft. Space between rows approx 10 ft. Traditionally irrigated.

Did you use JCB to dig pits or manual?
Approx 800 pits were dug using JCB, rest manually.

Did you level the land?
No… I just got it claned in the present landscape.

Why did choose Rohit1 veriety in drumstick?
Quite a few people recommended it… apart from the benefits mentioned about this variety, the supplier/the person who have reaserched on it is just 150 odd kms away from my place incase I need any help or him to visit the farm.

Did use plastci sheet mulching for water melon?
No… Watermelons are cultivated in traditional method.

Also some post some pictures also will help.
Yes… will be doing them soon.

Also have got a vermicompost kit with local earthworms to fulfill by manure needs…

Pics attached in the pdf…
Farm Pics.pdf (1.05 MB)