River weed for mulching?

Hi all,

In our village there is a river which is full of river weed, long big spring onion like, i don’t know what it is called in English. It also has cattail weed.

I was wondering, since that weed is abundantly available, why not cut it and use as mulching for natural farming? Barring the labor to cut and spread, everything is free.

But the question is, can this fresh weed be used for mulching?

I am also looking for mechanization of cutting this weed either by scythe or chain saw, if the above is feasible and fruitful.

Experts, please guide or comment.



Yes. It is cat tail. Typha Aungustifolia. It purifies the water by absorbing amonia …

also see below how easily you can get rid of them. Mulching: Water hyacinth is very good mulch no idea about cattail.


Thanks Sri.

I had seen this video but not particularly impressed with the performance of the tool. I am checking on this weed further. I am not too sure whether all of it is cat tail.