Rgd Moringa leaves Farming

Dear Sir,
i am a new farmer planning to start organic farming of Moringa leaves.i have 8 acres of land with 2 borewell’s (2 to 2.5 inches of water).please do suggest me how to go about this.Thanks & Regards

Where from you are?
Why Moringa only? Is there any specific reason?

Sir I am from Hyderabad i have heard that Moringa leaves farming gives good returns and they are better feed for cattles.plz suggest.Rgds

Only leaves may not give good returns, but leaves have good iron contents.
Feeding leaves to cattle is beneficial.
Don’t rely only on Moringa for getting good returns, it is added income generator when you may have it as inter crop along with other crops.

Pl take advise of lacal Horticulture and / or Agriculture departments. They can also advise on profitability of crop.

Cosider returns also from sale of pods as well floers (as vegitable).