Response by Dr Vandana Shiva - Worth reading

The article by Natasha Gilbert begins a section entitled GM cotton has driven farmers to suicide by quoting me:

“During an interview in March, Vandana Shiva, an environmental and feminist activist from India, repeated an alarming statistic: ‘270,000 Indian farmers have committed suicide since Monsanto entered the Indian seed market,’ she said. ‘It’s genocide.’”

Yes, I am an ecologist and feminist. But I am also a scientist – a fact that Natasha intentionally avoids mentioning. As a Quantum Physicist, I have been trained to look at the interconnectedness and non-separability of processes, which in a mechanistic and reductionist paradigm, are seen as separate and unrelated.

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gm kapas is highly susceptible to pandra makhi and lalya. other seeds are more tolerable.
we never use gm kapas.

Hello Keshavapuri,

Thank you for sharing the info.

I remember once when we on a road trip from adilabad to gadchiroli. Cotton belt.

On the way we met few people who were using GM cotton and were happy.
I feel it is like the dairy industry there is excess milk but it comes with myriad of other problems.