Required Consultant to setup Milk processing plant and distributors


Dear All,

This is Satish Chavan, residing at Sangli , Maharashtra (416416). I want to setup a Mini Milk processing unit at my farm land which is located 12 km from City TO PRODUCE AND SELL PACKED MILK, SHRIKHAND, LASSI, BASUNDI, PANEER, GHEE, KHOA AND CHAS. I already made foundation for construction and done land leveling about 1 acre for expansion of milk plant in future.

I’m in the stage of filing application of trademark registration and making project for the same. Meanwhile of setup of plant, i’m also expanding current dairy farm. Therefor i’ll required/need :-

  1. some calf of buffaloes and cows (numbers not decided).
  2. Advisor to setup 24 hrs running milk plant ( it will be Farm land)
  3. advisor for Transportation, distribution, marketing and advertising milk product.
  4. Advisor for quality maintenance from procurement of milk to product supply to end user.
    and any other requirements as you feel necessary.

I’ll be happy to receive your suggestions, opinions and comments etc on my future plant.

Kindly contact me on 9892002317 or email me at, if interested to do business with me.

Satish Chavan


I would like to help in marketing and sales.
Please provide more details about your project.