Removing weeds


I am a little confused. I have been reading about ZBNF. Please clarify if ZBNF says we should not remove any weeds growing in farms?

For e.g., in a mango farm where the mango trees are just planted some weeds are growing around it. Should we remove it or leave it?

ZBNF says, dont allow any weeds to grow. (infact it says you should make use of weeds for pesticide and mulching, so no plant is weed)

Fill symbiotic crops and mulch, this will avoid weed growth.

If already weeds are there remove it and mulch it there only.

But if we mulch like that if there are any seeds in the weeds they will grow right? if we throw the weeds away then they wont grow newly

Please clarify

I did not get how we can use weed as pesticide. I understood we can use it for mulching though

You must do it before flowering stage. if you have thicker layer of mulching then there will be no favarable condition for seed germination. Gradually the seeds will degrade.

you can use parthenium to extract jucices and use it as pesticide.

Korean Natural farming uses almost all weeds to produce fermented plant extract. The idea is, weeds will have harmones which allows them to grow vigorousley. These harmones will be extracted and sprayed as foliar spray.

Thanks sri