Remote controlled Drip Irrigation


We have a 3 acre farm for which we are planning to install a Drip Irrigation system. We are taking the help of nearby locals/part-time workers for the various tasks on the farm. 

Is there a way to access the drip irrigation system & motor remotely i.e. our house which is ~40km away. All the family members are busy for the next few months. We can visit the farm thrice a week but we don’t want to depend on anybody at the moment. 

Can we control the system remotely(eg:- through mobile) for the time being until one of us is free enough to focus completely on the farm?

This is my first post here, I’m looking forward to any advice/help. Thank you.

Hello Adhakke,

I’m not sure whether this will help. I had a same issue for switching on and off my electric Fencing. I have used the below Digital Timer connected to my Fencing and it will automatically Switch on the fencing at 6 PM and Off at 6 AM. You can also use this timer to switch on and off the Drip motor. … UTF8&psc=1


Thank you.

I will try and see if it is applicable.

Dear Adhakke,

You can accomplish this is in two ways;

A)Using a automated timer system
B)Using a GSM mobile controlled ON/OFF system

Again these two can be used

A)To control only motor output
B)To control drip system outlets valves


  • You can program timer either to control when the motor gets turned on/off or when the drip valves open/shut
  • You can remotely switch on/off the motor or open/shut the drip valves

We have multiple products that can be tailor made to suit your needs.

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Saravana Kumar

@ Dhanasekar,

The link you have posted is of a DC timer rated 12V 10A, meaning can be used to control DC 12V devices limited to 10A load current. This could be used with suitable solenoid valves to control drip lines but unfortunately you cannot control the AC motor commonly used for irrigation.

Conceptually this is possible provided right devices are chosen!


Saravana Kumar

Please find scanned copy of Auto Aqua, I liked their solutions, did not implement yet. I have collected this pamphlet in recent agri expo in Hyderabad.

This is not just switching on and off, it actually controls the water distribution with time/ volume / controls fertigation.

Let me know the feedback if you plan to go for it.
Auto-Aqua.pdf (689 KB)

Thank you [member=6098]saravanakumargcses[/member], I will review our situation with my parents (I had posted on their behalf) and get back to you.

[member=11046]khushizone[/member], thank you for the info. I will post any feedback if we decided on a system.