Reliable Source of Sarvi / Teak / Bamboo / Malabar Neem


Planning to procure Sarvi / Teak / Bamboo and Malabar Neem. Looking for reliable source. Planning to get around 1000 each.

Appreciate any quality source information in & around Hyderabad would be ideal, but if it is worth I am OK to procure from other locations too.

Dear Sri Khushizone,

There may be near Hyderabad, I don’t know, but at other places I can mention.If you need , pl utilise.

  1. Casuarina/survey/sarugudu best plants( upto my knowledge ) are available with Padmashree Vengatapathi Reddiyar of Koodapakkam Village, near Pondichery and his contact number is 09443226611.

2.  I have planted Teak Plantations, supplied by Mother Agri Biotek, Gollarahatti, Magadi main road, Bengaluru, on 30.10.2015, and
130 plants were planted by me around my land of 3 acres at a gap of 8 ft and now they are at 12 to 14 ft height, with 9 to 10 inch circumferance. since, i felt they are doing well, i have planted 875 plants in the same land at 12 ft x 10 ft spacing on february,25 th,2016, and now they are at 7 to 9 ft height and with 6 to 7 inch circumferance. The leaves are with 2 to 2.6 sq ft area.

If you want you can visit my land at sy no 242/4,Sadali village,Sidlagatta tq,Chikballapur dist of Karnataka state. Mother agri Biotek lab is in Bengaluru and their phone nos are 09908286565 and 09035003471.

I do not have much idea on other two.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,    farmer.

Thank you so much for the details,

Is that Ok for you to share the price of the saplings you took both Sarvi and Teak. Just trying to evaluate the price if I find something here in Hyderabad.

Dear Sri Khushizone,

sir,Generally I will not involve in the pricing matters. while i purchase also, i will tell them that the prices should be affordable by the farmers, if not their business will not be so fruitful. some times, some suppliers accepts or some times may not. Basing on the facts i purchase and may not some times.

Some Nursey companies do lot of investment for production and for R&D. Quality of the produce also depends on their production. Basing on all those factors only the price depends.

for example, some nursery owners introduce some latest varieties and sells at more price, as their overheads are more and have quality standards. Some other nurseries, copy them in short duration and sell them at low price may be with out quality thinking.

If we purchase some plants at cheaper price, and if they don’t give good results, our entire service is lost. So, i advise you ,please speak to them and i have mentioned their contact details also.

I am only a farmer and have lot of partiality on farming community.

with best wished,    g.p.rao,  farmer.

You can get best plants for teak n sarvi as said by Mr G.p.rao gaaru…For malabar neem you can get best plants from Aadithya Neem Nursery located in karnataka,
Manufacturer and Wholesale suppliers Of quality Seed Germinated & Cloned GK10 Malabar Neem (Melia Dubia) Plant phone:081293 28796
I think many people buy from there itself