Regarding papaya plantation

Hello Forum members,
  All these days I was silent reader of these forum and gaining knowledge. Now  I am planning to plantation of papaya(RedLady)  ,drumstick(Moring -PKM1), and green gram. All plantation is from seeds. Method of irrigation is  rain gun.  Will follow only organic methods.
In a week the infrastructure will be ready and post some pics .
I am little afraid of papaya plantation as there is a papaya farm  half kilometer away which is severely yellow mosaic virus I believe. I will try to get some snap shots in another 2-3 days of other farm.
    Can I go ahead do  papaya plantation without worrying other farm? The infected papaya also redlady variety. Wind also flow towards my farm passing the infected farm without any breakers.
  Please suggest me.


Dear Sri Krishna, you think twice and gather 2nd opinion on Rain gun usage as method of irrigation.

Mostly rain guns are used for some crops, lawns and forest crops etc. It is good for leafy vegetables, Fodder crops ,Lawns maintenance, for pollination to certain crops etc.

For green gram crop, you can use rain gun till flowering stage. Upto my knowledge, it is not good to use Rain gun, for farming papaya and drumstick plants. It not only affects the flowering and also create certain diseases.

The best is drip irrigation method, for fruit crops and flowering crops.

I suggest you to be very careful, while growing red lady papaya crop, when nearby farm is affected with viruses. It can be carried with air, labour and tools also. If you want to grow only, better follow Organic method, for which this crop got good resistance power. Contact a knowledged person , who is expert in organic farming, before farming.

All the best to you,  g.p.rao,  farmer

I agree with Mr. Rao. Sucking insects transmit viruses and a few aphids swept by the wind currents may land up to spread the infection. The investment and the long waiting period make papaya a bit risky in your case.