Regarding Establishment of new Dairy Form Project Cost


      My name is Abhishek i want to start a dairy form in Naidupetta in Andhra Pradesh. I need information about how much cost it may take for establishing a dairy with 20 cows and suggest me good breeds of cows which gives more quantity and lives long?
      I want to start it with automated machines to take milks from cows.How much it may cost for it?how many acres of land required to maintain the cows in the same compound?
      I would like to get more suggestions and your valuable ideas for success.please suggest ideas to this post or mail( me.


Hi Abhishek,
Doing dairy itself is an ancillary activity under Agriculture.
From your above post Iam understanding that fist time you are interested to start dairy activity.
Hope you are happy now and why you wants to jump in to un known area to disturb your piece full life?
Success in any venture will comes after any one commendable knowledge and continues essential efforts to achieve the targeted goal.

Instead of learning everything about dairy, why you should not start your own venture in the filed where you are master?
That will lead you to become leader with success. Do what ever you want with your own knowledge.
Be careful that all ideas of outsourcing in out dated and either failed/un certain or high cost concepts.
Dairy business requires Agriculture and animal husbandry expertise along with continues personal efforts to get success.

Wishing you all the best.

Who is going to look after your dairy? If it is you then read below if keep men and manage from being away forget your project and dont read below .
Investment will be aprox 25lacs exculding land.
HF(holsteine Fraesian) yields 12to 15L on an average in a lactation.
Dont look for animals live longer. Lactation cycle of a dairy animal is important to understand. 2 and 3rd lactation is best. After fifth lactaion yield will decrease and animals are not profitable for commercial dairy.
HF breeds are not tolerant for harshy weather. You will need foggers for barn to keep temperature low.
You need 1 acre for 5-8 animals.