Regarding driptech

Hi All,
    I came across reference in one of the threads at our forum . I have tried to contact their pune office for more info and they have provided contact no of a distributor at Aurangabad district of maharashtra .

I am able to collect below info from him about the product .

1 Acre installation costs almost 8k  and with filter 10k. It comes in various micron width.
One reel of 50 meters costs 550 rs.
Reel comes in size of 50 meter to 200 meters.
Water dissipation - 5/6 leetrs /hr.

We have to provide requiremtnty on spacing of 1.5/2 feets etc and according to that

holes will be punched by laser gun and distrubuted to farmer.

Not recomonded for horticulture. Tubes can run aproximately 150 feets from main  line.
This is ideal for vegetables, sugarcane etc .

This person was in hurry and I tried to collect/interpret whatever info I got, it may not be accurate.
I have no experience with drip irrigation deployment so terms I have used might not be accurate.

Please let me know if anybody else having any more info . If any members is having queries do let me know I will try to get more info.


Note: I myself very new to this concept and just doing desktop research , NO recommendations/Advertisements from me.

See this thread for price list of drip irrigation and other irrigation solutions:

Are they having Office in Hyderabad.How to get their service in Hyderabad.

    please check below info.

Location Bungalow No. 4, Liberty Society Phase 1, North Main Road, Koregaon Park, Pune, Maharashtra 411001
Contact Info
Phone 020 4120 1146


Met with them and checked out the product in Hyderabad at their dealer’s:
Might try out - working out some finer details.

P.S.: if your are reaching out to them tell them we are all from so we can ask for some group discounts :wink: