Regarding dates plantation

Hi All,
  recently I have visited a dates plantation nearby nagpur .
Below are the brief details I have been told .

1  TC sapling which is 2 years old, costs around 3k each .
These TC plans are imported to India .
1 acres can fit 70+ trees aprox .
It takes almost 5 years after plantation for 1st harvest .
In northern Maharshtra usually weather will be dry and summer will be hot, usually touches 47 degress, been told this is good enough for dates.
Initial harvest is around 25-40kgs and it will gradually increase over years .
Traders pick up dates at the farm itself and offering around 300rs/kg as of now (there are clain betwen 50-300 rs/kg - courtesy google) .
Life of tree is 150 years and it doesn’t need any care, no wild animals pose any threat to it .

Few questions I have in mind .

Can anyone please let me know if cost of the plant is justified .
What about marketing the produce, hope no need of any further processing .
Is it easily sell-able produce .
Hope this plantation is suitable for soil which is loose with small boulders .
Any other inputs, useful info is highly appreciated .

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Dear Prashant,

I do not have growing experience but had discussions with a company owner from Chennai who was promoting FRESH DATEs and its sampling in two of the exhibitions I have visited, Please note as follows;

  1. The rate he quoted is Rs 3000/-per sampling.
  2. He confirmed that the yield will start after 3/4 years.
  3. The fresh dates he was selling at Rs. 600/kg.
  4. I have tasted fresh dates was too good.
  5. There is no neighbor market, You have to transport to cities to sell.
  6. you can have tie up with the sampling seller to you.


  1. Yield is dependent on many natural factors.
  2. Met one farmer who planted 6 acres.  After 4 years not even a single fruit in his farm.  He has purchased from other nursery. The owner whom I met was confirming him that his sampling will yield by completion of 3rd year.
  3. Investment is too high/acre. 
  4. You have to wait at least 3/4 years to know whether your crop will fruit or not.
  5. If no fruit you will loose all the money you have spent and the valuable time of 3/4 years.

Please think and take a decision based on your land and pocket condition.


I’ve had discussions and farm visits to few locations in Tamilnadu (may view my earlier posting) while considering an investment few years ago. Projections look very attractive however, this is a very risky venture. I’ve met one farmer (KG Date Farm) near Erode who has an acre of date farm and is ‘apparently’ successful. However, he is doing on a small scale (only 1-acre) and marketing is through contacts, farm gate sale etc. Shelf life of the fresh date is very short and marketing will be challenging and I’m not sure regarding the price realization for this fruit. This may be worth while, if considering a very small scale (like KG) set up attached to own house/existing farm. Otherwise, not recommended in my opinion.

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Dear Krishnaprasadji and Seonji,
    thanks a lot for your inputs . You have clearly mentioned the risks and challenges in marketing the harvest .
If we have a small scale plantation in new geographic location, the very first thing we need to check if there will be any buyers/traders in area around .

Looks like I need to visit some of TN dates farmers and check feasibility of marketing in my native before taking any decision .

Thanks once again for your useful guidance .

Best Regards,