Red aloe vera if purchased 2 baby plants and sample leaf free

Red aloe vera for Rs.750 per plant- with 2 baby plants free.Market rate is more
Minimum 5 plants should purchase .We
give 2 baby plants and a sample leaf free for a limited period.It will not be bitter in taste ,it tastes like tender coconut
and if we eat 4 months ,no disease will occur.Outer will be green and inner when we cut red gel will come after
4 minutes.Please check the picture.Please call-9543455978 or

why so expensive…it is just 150 in mostly online

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Without knowing dont say anything Sir.Market rate is more than Rs.3000.May be ordinary aloe vera you will get that rate .This is red aloe vera.Why you are writing like this way

I am asking details because I dont know…
Check the link below…

That is seeds already we have brought it .That is not red aloe vera seeds .It wont grow.And full red aloe vera is not available because only green colour can prepare food from sunlight not red.Without knowing ur asking ok,Sir,why cant u call me .If you write like this will anybody buy my product.
We have Indian origin red aloe vera ,outer is green and inner is red color

Hi please don’t be rude, you are marketing a product and people will ask anything related to the product if they r interested in it, even i was surprised by the price and checked online.

As you are selling a product you have told some thing about the product like it is having green color outer and redgel inside the alovera because green color plant can prepare food from sunlight, and red color plant will not prepare food, but there r some plants in red color which survives.

(you write like this will anybody buy my product.) Because people ask questions doesn’t mean that people are not going to buy the product from you.
Until otherwise u r product is worth the money they r paying, and has the qualities that you are saying.

No Sir,I am not rude .He can be asking me by call,he was posting the websites and all,
thats why i told u can call me and talk to me,why ur posting like this.I dont know to be rude