Recommendations on crops for this month Apr-May 2016

Dear all,

I have just harvested watermelon (20th Apr’2016).

I used plastic mulching on beds 6 feet apart. The plastic mulch seems to be in good condition. To maximize the initial investment on plastic mulch and other field preparation activities I am planning to use the same set up to grow one more crop. Please advise as to which crop is better at this point of time.

I have below options:

  1. Watermelon again in twin row system
  2. Ash gourd
  3. Tomato (risky in terms of labour intensiveness and additional investment on staking)
  4. Cut rose (risky in terms labour intensiveness, hot weather & investment on rose cuttings)
  5. Marigold (Dont have much info)

Please share if you think of any other better but less expensive alternatives.
I am from Hiriyur, Karnataka. Rainfall is usually below average, considerably hot climate (at present it is 39 to 40 deg.cel)

Thanks & regards
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Hi Guru,

According to me Marigold would be the best option as the initial cost is less and if you plant it in may month the harvest may more or less coincide with the ganesh chaturthi festival and would command a very high price… I have myself ordered for hybrid african Marigold f1 seeds… But I was told that it is a winter season crop… I don’t understand if it doesn’t grow in summer how can we have it  available in market during April and may… Doing more research on it as I am an amateur farmer… Keep us updated what u plan to cultivate… Any experienced boarder may pls explain whether Marigold can be cultivated in summer… I want to get the harvest by mid august for sale during ganesh chaturthi… I am based out in udupi Karnataka.

u can grow many rain fed crops like urud dal,green gram,groundnut etc

Dear Vishak,

Marigold seems to be a good proposition considering series of festivals from August (Ganesh Chaturthi-Sep 5; Dasara-Oct 11, Deepavali-Oct 30). I too am not sure of the variety that can be started during May. Please note that his year good rains are expected during June till Sep. Note sure whether this will be helpful for marigold.
Few queries on Marigold:

  1. Which variety is suitable to start in May (couple of rains expected)?
  2. How many days it takes for first harvest?
  3. How long the crop can be harvested?
  4. How many plants can be planted in one acre, system of plantation, how much yield can be expected per acre?

Any other flower crops suitable for this season which can be harvested during August- like chrysanthemum? Please advise.

Groundnut is also a better option. Will workout comparative statistics as to which crop.

Thanks & Regards

Dear Sri Guru,

African variety marigold varieties are good. You can plant throughought the year ,and may month is OK for plantation of seeds and seedlings, provided water facility should be there.

Marigold plants will not tolerate any water stagnation and you should see that in heavy rains, the water drains immediately. Better do plantation on beds.

There are so many varieties released by IARI,  TNAU, etc ( both straight selections and hybrids ), and East west seed co  variety is popular in markets and during 2010_2013,  its flowers were sold [member=6749]rs[/member] 80/_ per kg.

Duration is 4_1/2 months to 5 months. Seeds sown  seedlings of 20 days can be planted. Approx mately 18,000 plants can be accommodated per acre and yield can be around 10 tonnes per acre.

Soaking a while with psuedomonas @5 GMs  per Ltr water added with 2 GMs azospirillum and 2 GMs PSB, will give good results.

Nipping is a must at 30 to 35 days stage.

With best wishes,    g.p.rao,  farmer

Dear Sri Guru,

Forgotten to say about Chrysanthemum. It is a good crop and its flower price is good and quantity of production is also more.

Aiswarya is a new variety , which can be planted in april and may months, released by one Mr Bhaskara reddy, a distributor stockist of Moerheim of Netherlands. There are so  many local varieties also available but will be planted in august September months only.

With best wishes, g.p.rao,  farmer

Thanks a ton G.P.Rao sir. I greatly appreciate & have deep gratitude for your passion of helping fellow friends.

About marigold: Can the seeds be directly sown on beds or will it be more beneficial to transplant 20 day seedlings from nursery?

About chrysanthemum: are these propagated through seeds like marigold or cuttings? How long will it take for chrysanthemum from sowing to first harvest?


Dear Sri Guru,

Marigold seeds can be down on beds , and/or can be sown in poly bags,  either in open or in shade net houses.

20 to 23 days seedlings can be replanted in the main field.

up to my knowledge Chrysanthemum cuttings will be sold for latest varieties and they can be planted in April may months, and/or you can arrange cuttings and get them rooted for old and local varieties, during September October months.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer.

Rao sir, what about African hybrid dwarf varieties… The plants grow maximum to a foot with big double flower… do they need nipping as well?? Can they also be planted in may month? Company daft they address winter season flowers… Eg F1 hybrid Inca series

Dear Sri Vaishak,

In general, the Plants of Chrysanthemum and Marigold, needs nipping.It is in practice from past 15 years. The above plants do well after nipping and good number of branches will come and buds will be more.

If it is a stem variety of  either Chrysanthemum or Marigold, it need not be nipped off. If it is a dwarf variety and if they recommends " no nipping", it should not be.

As asked by you, I  do not have knowledge  and not grown these dwarf varieties, specifically winter varieties, and they should not be grown in summer, if they are winter specified varieties.

With best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer