Rain Problem in cut Paddy

Dear Members,

We have cut paddy in half of my land and our misfortune is that after cutting rain came and had been stayed for 5 days.
All the cut paddy has been drenched by rain.
Now we see the paddy being sprouted. This is almost for 4 acres of land.

Please advice me how to save my paddy.



Sorry to know about the loss. Nothing can be done.

We have this problem in Kerala because of two monsoon season.

What we do is after harvesting the paddy, we pile up the straw with the grains if there is rains immediately after harvest. Then under shelter we extract grains and again pileup hay under shelter. Hay would get white molds, not to worry.

When sun is bright we dry the hay. white molds disappear. hay is not of superior quality, but our Indigenous cattle are ok with it.

Hi Sidhartha,
    we had same problem with gingeli and lost almost in couple of acres due to rain .
Also due to rain our groundnut crop was spoiled . We are planning for a small shed to avoid such situation in our farm .