Question on Agri Land & Its Construction- Experts Plz Help

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I have a question,

Suppose there is a builder who has purchased an Agri land in Maharashtra legally (he is a farmer) with all the papers clear like 7/12, Kharidi Khat, construction NOC from Gram panchayat.

Now what if he builds small houses in that land & sells them to non-farmers? is it legal?

If a non-farmer purchases this house, would that be considered a legal transaction ?

Will that house be transferred on non-farmer’s name in 7/12 in future if electricity meter, gharpatti etc is on non-farmer’s name?

Please provide your detailed answers.


Please help here… :frowning:

You must check some legal opinion forum on this issue. I dont think any of us have come across such issues.

Hi Shirin,
    please consult some legal adviser . I have seen some real estate brokers around hilly regions of pune promoting such schemes where so called buyer can build farm house in proportion of the land . Wonder how a non farmer can buy farm house built on Agri land in Maharashtra.


if one gets a NOC from gram panchayat for building a house, then that peice of land becomes a residential land. one could check with the gram panchayat . this becomes a n.a. land. that should not be a problem .

Grampanchyat can suggest, however cannot convert the purpose of the land to non- agricultural i.e. N.A.
Please visit this website for some more details and update the rest if you find any neat information

In Karnataka this can be done by de-notifying the land … that is convert it from Agri to non-agri land … there is a fee that one has to pay to do the same. However, the process has many complication … that is conversion of wet land is much more difficult that dry land … so on and so forth.

Should not be very different in Maharashtra.