QuerY on hydrophonics

My understanding OF COMMERCIAL hydrophonic farming is as follows:

The location considered is the coastal state of Goa.

i) if hydrophonics is done in an enclosed room, then AC is needed, and multi rack NFT system with artificial lights is the preferred method & no pesticide is used.
ii)  On the other hand, if polyhouse is used then water mist system & exhaust fan is needed and tower system (3m high) for plants with natural sunlight is the preferred method and pesticide is required.-----

What ind of Hydroponics are you refering to - NFT? Flood and Drain?
Indoor cultivation has its challenges in terms of energy cost to provide lighting and also to provide ambient temperature.
A Poly house with insect mesh will be a fit for outdoor cultivation based on what method you would like to use. Insect mesh reduces the movement of pests.