Pure Neem Dry fruit powder with oil intact - contact +91 9886807788

Please let me know if anyone interested to use pure neem dry fruit powder for your terrace gardening/organic farming as we have a plant to produce the same near Srikalahasti mandal of Andhra Pradesh (517536)
As we would not remove the oil from the seeds and it has more concentration so better use less quantity when compared to other available neem powders in the market for each plant.
Natural fertilizer and pest repellent, rich in all essential plant nutrient. Apply neem cake powder when you prepare potting soil, 10-14 days before planting. When you use for established plants, apply it around the root area and ensure it is covered and mixed well with soil. Recommended quantity is 20 grams per pot. Note: Results of neem cake powder will be seen slowly over a period of time. Important: For better results add neem cake powder when preparing potting mix in the recommended ratio. Adding neem cake powder more than recommended quantity may kill the plant.
Please contact me on +91 9886807788

Dear sir,

Can we get it in Mumbai
please reply on mgpservices@gmail.com

Dear Sir,

If we have transport, we will sure deliver it to Mumbai as well. Please let us know the quantity which you required.
Also, you can reach me on +91 9886807788.

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