Purchasing Texmo submersible pump - which is better - branch or dealer?

I am planning to purchase a submersible water pump for my bore well.
Since Texmo offers the best quality, I would probably go with this brand.
Which is better - purchasing from a dealer or from a Texmo branch?
I have both dealer and branch close to my area.


Be it whatever brand, why would you want to buy from a dealer when you have the companies direct sales office?


Saravana Kumar


as a businessman and an integrator i have a thumb rule - it is always better to buy ur capital equipment from your dealer, the reasons:

1.  a branch office will not be able to offer you any discount, if possible
2.  in case of problem, the dealer will be more eager to service your request and will poke the branch office into action
3.  a manufacturer listens to a dealer better than the customer
4.  by purchasing from a dealer, you take into the loyalty factor
5.  you are pumping money into the local economy.

i never had any problems with my purchases of equipment so far. if there had been, it was on expected lines of instant attention.