Purchased 2.5 acres of land, climate will be hot ( 35 c to 43 c ). please suggest what should i cultivate


Hi All,

I Purchased 2.5 acres of land, climate will be hot ( 35 c to 43 c ). i have bore water. red soil.
farm is close to very small town.
This area is very famous for mangoes. which i dont want to cultivate.
i can visit the farm weekly once and monitor. not every day visitor.
Please suggest me, what to cultivate in this. any new idea suggestions.


Dear Bro
Just try the feasibility of papaya cultivation. Papaya farming is successfully doing even in Gulf countries. Wish you all the best.
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Hi namaste and welcom the farming way of life.
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Ranganadh sharma


Don’t do the mistake which I did, or you will burn your hand.

Please see if you have answer for below questions:

Do you have Electricity connection at your plot? If not, then be ready to pay good amount as bribe or else keep moving around elect office.

Do you have resource/man power who will be staying at plot? Please note that Agriculture is not a part time business, it require regular time just like 9 to 5 job, off-course if you want to be successful.

Going just a week is not enough to the plot, you will have to visit at least twice a week, never ever depend on a person/labor. Will you be able to put 2 days time (assuming 4 hours a day minimum)?

Have you installed Drop Irrigation?

Have you setup to store goods?

Do you have small construction, at least 1 room for labor?


Which place is your plot situated at?


Red soil is best for banana firming …and another idea is areca tree …chose any one is best for red soil
govt have giving subsidy for for banana firming low cost high income …
or try areca plant …best areca tree available in kaduru or thirthahalli …wish you the all the best


Try with date (kharjura).It requires lesser water compared to other plants,no worry about pest or diseases,starts yielding from 3rd year.about 40 -50 plants can be grown in an acre land and you will definitely get good profit,low maintenance.think differently.