Purchase of cheap land


I intent to venture into agriculture which has been my childhood dream.

In the meanwhile, doing research and built up knowledge vide various blogs and TV programs.

Issue:  Land is costly and how to purchase it dead cheap.

Saw Bhomiputa (Maa TV telugu program) wherein Mr. GVK Rao advises regarding his experience inn purchasing the land in Hyderabad.

Four conditions to be followed in purchasing agriculture land

1.  Land should be far away from city.

2.  Land should not be situated on highway (i.e., situated in say 10 to 15 km interior).

3.  Land considered not suitable for farming.

4.  Land has depleted water.

Then purchase such land and develop it.

youtube.com/watch?v=WU9i7G0 … 0&index=71

Any thoughts

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Generally, for agri purpose, we prefer purchase of suitable agri lands ( if only for agri purpose ), on sub interior roads,  reasons are… Will be at low cost .

We should prefer lands at a distance with in 100 kms from any city, as they will be at low cost.

Lands should be within 1 hr journey reach, even interior, as we can market our produces in good condition, so that we can get good money. If the lands are at more than 100 kms, from any city, it is difficult to get premium prices.

In my personal opinion, the agri lands costing more than rs 5 lakhs per acre, may not be good to be preferred.

Upto to my knowledge, we can get lands at less than 5 lakhs per acre, with in 100 kms in and around hyderabad.

g.p.rao,  farmer.

Water is the most essential resource and buying land with depleted water will severely limit what you can do.

If ground water is available but scarce, one can go for rain-fed crops which is essentially dryland agriculture in a combination with orchards.

Land around 100km of Hyderabad can be available in the interior off state highways for 5L.

There is no land that is dead cheap unless it is really remote and/or not cultivable. What is your budget for land purchase/development?

I have bought cheap land which meets first 3 conditions. I started developing it in Jan 2013. It took me 2.5 years to create the infrastructure. If I include cost of infra development (money and time, which is also money) then it was not really cheap land. But the experience of this journey is priceless. I will do it again.

If you have clear plan of what you want to do with the land then I would say go for it.

Somewhere in western ghats surrounded by forest.

Dear Satish Sir, can you inform the location of your land and nearby lands, present price per acre ( without your developments ).  g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear Satish,

Could you please answer Mr. G P Rao question in forum for our knowledge.