Procurement of Yam Corms near Mumbai/Thane

Hello All,

Please let me know where can I procure Elephant Yam corms near Mumbai/Thane.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Sorry but can you help me understand what it is?

Dear Sri Shri1885,

Elephant yam corms are more available in  1. In Ravulapalem town, East godavary District, (on NH 5 ,highway ), Andhra Pradesh, ( in so many  villages, local farmers grow Elephant foot yam)  (pendalam, local name of the vegetable )    2. in so many villages, like Duggirala, Mangalagiri, Tenali etc , in Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh.

you can also contact the Lam farm , govt of india,ICAR/IARI unit, Guntur district,of Andhra pradesh.

You can get elephant Foot Yam corms in the above places and this is the time.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao,  farmer



I tried reaching out few numbers. No luck :frowning:

How Much quantity you are Lokking for.
i will also put my efforts.

Thanks Arvind foe extending your help.

I am looking to do this experiment in a small 1000 sq ft field. As per calculation around 700 corms can be cultivated at distance of 90cm x 90 cm.

If any extra are left I can plant them elsewhere.

Elephant Foot Yam.pdf (3.29 MB)

I could Locate one Mr.Anil Patil from Dadale village near Dahanu Thane district…who sells Elephant Foot Yam corn for cultivation.Although His Mobile no. is yet to be Located.
Hope this helps.

It will be great to get his number. I am also from Dahanu Gholvad belt and can visit him.
Thank you for the video