Problem on Papaya seedling with leaf disorders

Dear members,
Greetings from Dhaka! we have found a problem of papaya seedlings grown in a Papaya field. The problem found that repeatedly seedlings were die due to this disorder. the problem was observed after 5 days of germination. the first two leaves became burned. They started die from the leaf tips and spread towards inside and lastly the whole shoot tip died.
Soil type: acidic and reddish before preparing the seed bed.
Weather: winter (10-15C)

The manuring and the seed sowing were as follows:
Manuring before seed sowing in the seed bed:
micronutrinet: (at low dose)
solobor boron
zinc sulphate monohydrate
calcium nitrate
root hormone (PCPA, NAA)

seeds coated with zinc sulphate monohydrate, solobor boron, sodium molybdate with cowdung and betavex (fungicide) before sowing.

after seed germination:
DAP and MOP was added to the seed bed along with cowdung on the soil top.
Fungicide spray: Ridomil ( metalaxyl + mancozeb)
Insecticide: Imidaclopid (Chloronicotinyle) and Cypermethrine; after germination

The pictures of the disorder seedlings in the seedbed are attached here. The situation is very sever here. We need help from the expert to identify and  troubleshoot the problem.
Thanking you.

F.M. Safiul Azam
University of Development Alternative
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I am not expert but what i can observe from the pictures,  The seedlings must grow in the nursery area and transplant them only after 45 to 60 days.

If already in the field then i will leave it to experts to advice you.

[color=red][size=180][size=120][font=arial]Papaya is highly sensitve for wetness. it gets affected by fungii very quickly. You can avoid this by  using poly bag sapling and keeping them in shadenet. you can trasplant them after 45-60 days[/font][/size][/size][/color]


To me, that sounds like a lot of chemicals for young seedlings. I believe MOP is especially harsh on young plants even at low doses.

Why not try some sample sowing on relatively neutral soil, and it it works well, let the seedlings grow a bit before any chemical applications? I have raised some papaya seedlings with good success sowing them in bags of plain soil, with just a little addition of organic manure and  Trichoderma viride (and no chemical additives whatsoever) - but your mileage may vary.

It could just be the pics, but doesn’t the soil appear a bit coarse and corrosive?

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