Probiotics Tackle Nematodes

Holganix has new research that suggests it can use probiotics to curtail Nemotodes. Nemotodes do about 100B in damage each year.

Robert Fraley, CTO of Monsanto, recently stated that “nematodes are the greatest unsolved problem that farmers face in almost all their crops.”

Recent trial data from the labs of Dr. Kris Lambert at the University of Illinois supports that Holganix’ organic plant / soil probiotic is a cost effective solution to control nematodes. In addition to its action as a bio-nematicide, Holganix has been validated in commercial and university trials across over 20 crops (row and specialty produce) to increase yield and reduce inputs (water, fertilizer and other chemicals). The 800+ beneficial microbes in Holganix provide multiple modes of action to increase nutrient uptake (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) by the plant, fight pests and disease, improve plant health and vigor, improve soil health, and reduce erosion and fertilizer run-off.

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