Prices and location in topics


Hi Murali - that is ideal but hard to implement as a rule  :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi Chandra,
Quite a good idea.
Will save a lot of time and bandwidth also.
It should be mandatory to mention prices.Absolutely no harm in asking for d price,after all its a commercial advt, isnt it?
I think even nurseries should be asked to divulge prices on the forum.Why the secrecy about prices.Its an open n free market today.
If you are competitive you will get the order.
Rafiq Yusuf.


Hi Chandra,
It would also make sense to ask members to mention their actual location to facilitate better interaction.
If one has to order some stuff, would make sense ordering from a local guy for better co-ordination and after sales back up.Would also save transportation costs.
What say?
Rafiq Yusuf.


Hi Chandra,

I second Rafiq’s idea. One will save a lot of bandwidth. Prices should be indicated as mandatory.

Have you seen the ads for lands being sold on the forum ? The thread dies down as every member asks for prices and the advertiser never gets back with prices !!




Hi Rafiq,

I definitely agree having the location helps better collaboration between members. In fact, location is one of the fields presented right at registration on the forum. You will also see most members have their location noted in their profile which is good.

There is no way the location entry can be enforced because people have different privacy preferences on the internet. Even if the entry is made mandatory at registration, someone who does not like his/her location displayed is not going to key in the right location.

Even for ads, state and city are fields presented when creating an ad, but again the same thought applies as above.

Thanks for the suggestion and I am more than happy if you or any one has additional ideas around this.



Hi Rafiq and Murali,

As indicated in the forum rules topic ( … e-posting/), it is strongly encouraged to include price for any commercial posts.

However, implementing this basically means removing any posts that do not have the price included - which does not seem to be the ideal solution. Any ideas around this are most welcome!

Murali - on your point about no response on the price itself on topics, part of the reason is that the seller responds by email or PM in some of the cases rather than posting on the forum topic (both PM and email are opted for by most members on the forum).



I would actually suggest all members should mention their location (may be by postal code) in the profile. If possible administrators can think of creating a map from this. This will be helpfull for members who wish to visit other farms or to have physical interaction with farmnest buddies in neighbourhood.