Price data / trend or information


Can anyone advice a good source (reliable) to obtain present and historical price data for fruits, vegetables & medicinal crops? Agmarknet provides this information though its incomplete and highly unstructured and I am not certain of its reliability. Professional data suppliers also welcome


Hi Brijesh,
              I don’t know whether you have tried the following website or not. I will be glad if it gives what you needed. … stats.aspx


Hi, last I checked, it needs paid membership to view prices…

oh! sorry. i didn’t know about that.will message if i found out something.

No worries, Brijesh might be willing to pay for it! :smiley:

unfortunately I am trying to convince a lot of people to join my venture but everyone wants to see reports, data but nobody wants to commit any capital.

lets see if i can get a free sample off the indiaagristat guys, so that I can compare to various other sources and check the accuracy of the information

i wonder if any of our scam tainted ministers would like to invest, they have a lot of money 

Hi,  try the above link. Hope it will be helpful for something.  And btw, thanks for the link.

Another Link,Horticulture Statistical rates - … stics.html