Pretreated MORINGA SEEDS germinates quick

Usually moringa seeds take certain time period to germinate that varies between 14 to 30 days depending on the prevailing temperature , vigour and vitality and quality of seeds. In the temperature around 30 degree Celsius it sprouts quickly and emerges out of soil in about 14 days and it is quite longer say about 30 days when temperature is around 10 degree Celsius . Also when the quality of seeds are poor the germination of seeds are irregular as some seeds germinate early and others take so longer a time to spout and come out of soil . Apart these internal and external influences , soil physio chemical properties also affect germination varyingly in different types of soil .I hear majority of farmers along the eastern coast of India complain about germination failure while those along the western coast say Karnataka ,Maharastra ,Gujarat witness good and quick germination of seeds . Irrespective of the causes , the moringa seeds are treated in 3 % panchagavya solution before sowing . The growth promoters like Auxin ,cytokinen , !Gibberellin , vitamins and amino acids along with loads of microbes prepare the seeds ready for quick sprouting and strengthen it to push out of soil early& evenly. 4 days old sprout of treated moringa seeds below .