Pressure Pump SUggestion needed

HI Everyone,

I need some suggestion for my farm issue.

For my 1.5 acres of land I have installed rain hose irrigation. The water well is 700 foot away from the land and currently a 5 HP submersible pump push the water through a 3" pipe.

Inside the farm the drip lines are further divided in 38 lines each individually controlled by valves.

My issue is the water pressure is not enough if I open more then 5 value lines on the drip. So I had to open 5 lines at a time and close the others to get enough pressure. This process is tiresome since it requires man power to operate each and every value in a particular time. This applies to watering the plants or fertigation etc…

Any solution to improve this process. One thought I had is to install a pressure booster pump in between the well water line and drip line to boost the pressure. But not sure how much power motor I need here for pressure boosting. My thought is to open all values at a time and just switch on and off the motor.

Any thoughts?? and suggestions are welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Dear friend
When need pressure you should calculate the water input and output

You have 5 hp motor so you get approx 20000 lit of water what’s your out put via drip
And this 20000 will be reduced by your land hight and valve , bends what type of drip you used if you can use 1lph dripper you can irrigate approx 2 acre