Preservation techniques of Moringa

I wanted to know about the various techniques to preserve Moringa for longer periods of time, say 5- 10 days…

Are there any scientific methods like vacuum packing etc ?

dear sir, upto my knowledge, Agri university of andhra pradesh has given long back,one system to store vegetables for few days to be stayed fresh.  Pl constuct one small shed like of size 4 ft x 4 ft, with walls by bricks in two rows,with a gap of 2 inches in between, all around 4 sides with a opening to be closed with a lid made by bamboo mat pasted with mud and cow dung. Floor shouls be with sand ( not smooth ) and keep the floor wet daily. Last 12 years back i did it and found that leafy vegetables were fresh for more than a week. Pl try and and hope you will be successful. g.p.rao,farmer,both organic and inorganic.

Thanks for the idea. Do you have a couple of pics you can upload or send it to me at

Thanks for the idea. Do you have a couple of pics you can upload [/quote]

A similar technique for food preservation is called “Pusa Zero Energy Cool Chamber”. It has been pioneered by IARI (known locally as Pusa Institute). You will find several detailed references on Google.

Good idea! It is based on the “Zeer pot” for which the inventor Mohammed Bah Abba, a Nigerian teacher got the Rolex award.