Preparation of pit for Pumpkin sowing

Typical method is at a spacing of 2.5 x 2 m distance take pits having 45 cm length, width and height and to apply 10 kg FYM and urea 30 g, super phosphate 72 g and potash 19 g per pit. Then mix the above nutrients with soil and fill the pits and level them.
PLEASE advice ORGANIC replacements for the above chemicals. Thanks in advance.

Replacement for Urea(nitrogen)
You can have diecot crop prior for plantation like sesbania,diancha,sunhemp or any grams. if remain them on the field these substitues urea.
Or You can have cocopeat compost + a top up with bio culture of Rizobium

Super poshpate: Cocopeat compost + a top up with bio cullture of PSB

Potash: Old ashes(more than 6 day old) is good source of potash.

A good vermi compost can replace all above.

You can have mixture of seed cakes like neem cake,pongamia cake,groundnut cake. This is will give quick result but considerably expansive.

Other cost effective methods are discussed here … 0/#msg8680
Jeevamritha and pancha gavya will take care of all NPK.

Thanks a lot @sri2012 . We are opting for Vermi compost and just picked up some. Any suggestions per pit Vermi quantity during sowing and further stages… Ours is just a 80 days crop … planning to sow coming Saturday 3rd, August… Will be using Drip irrigation … Gravity tank fed… … Vendor recommends 400-500 gms per pit and later same amount during flowering …