Precision Farming - is the cost worth it?

I heard that with precision farming, yield could easily be doubled.
But are the costs or precision farming worth it?
How much would the infrastructure to support precision farming cost per acre?
Would there be indirect cost savings on electricity, water and labor in precision farming compared
to regular cultivation?

ans. Dr Ramu sir is the authority to explain the above. In previous posts, he has already given several postings on precision farming. pl go through them sir.

for the above my answers are, ( i am a farmer following this type of farming from several years, for not only vegetable farming, but for Floriculture also in open and green houses.)

cost of drip/sprinklers, ventury, etc , basing on the crop, and of the planting materials/seedlings/seeds, may be same labour like other old farming patterns.

costs are not more than regular pattern. Attendance of the farmer is required .( full time farmers ).

I advise you to go to Dharmapuri district and other districts of Tamilnadu, where TNAU professors are helping the farmers. I think Dr Ramu sir also was one ,who helped the Precision Farmers.Technical guidance is required.

The cost of Liquid/water soluble fertilisers are little more costly but, labour costs are comparitively at lower side and yields are very encouraging.

I advise the fellow farmers to go and visit such developments in Horticulture/Agriculture, to the extent possible, which gives not only inspiration, but also confidence in investments.

with best wishes,  g.p.rao, farmer