Power Tillers - Advise Needed

Dear members,

I have a 8 acre farm near Tirunelveli (Tamil Nadu). Currently I am developing only 4 acres divided into 1.5 acres for Multi-layer food forest (planted last month), 0.25 acres market garden (greens and vegetables), 1.5 acres grains (millets, pulses) and 1 acre Banana, Papaya and Fig and 0.5 acres SuperNapier ( I have a couple of Desi cows).

I have gone through quite a few older posts on Power tillers, but a few questions still remain and hence this post.

Now, I am in search for a suitable power tiller/weeder for the following operations:

  • Ploughing land in case of grain cultivation (Rain-fed and minimum acreage ~2acres).
  • Inter-cultivation between Trees - we have planted Mangoes, Mousambi, Coconuts and a host of timber value trees.
  • Inter-cropping trees with annuals (at-least in the initial stages).
  • Spraying Organic Insect Repellants.
  • Trailer for ferrying compost within the farm.
  • Preparing Permanent Raised Beds for bio-intensive vegetable farming (inspired from JM Fortier,Curtis Stone, Richard Perkins etc.). We would like to standardize bed sizes to 3ft width and 1ft pathways for documenting our inputs and yields.

I intend to increase the area of vegetable farming and multi-layer food forest in the future.

With these operations in mind, I would like a power tiller:

  • Whose wheel width is small ~ 3ft and doesn’t weigh much. (This is my first year into farming , so I am not exactly accustomed to handling heavy machinery).
  • Has implements which will reduce the labor requirement for the above mentioned activities.
  • Reasonably priced (within 2L).
  • Back Rotary type.
  • Has minimal vibrations while using them.

I have done a bit of internet research and what I has impressed me the most is:

  1. BCS 742 (obvious choice for those who are into bio-intensive farming). 9HP Lombardini Engine
    Implements: Rotary Plough, Roto-tiller.
    It checks almost all the boxes but the price is very high. ~3.5L
  2. Varsha Power Weeder 9DEL. - 9HP
    Implements: Soil lifter, Ditcher, 5-tine cultivator.
    Reasonably prices at ~1.2L with interesting implements. Planning to drop by their field office to check them out.
  3. Sprayman 850/ Shaurya 732 - 9HP Honda/ Lombardini Engine
    It is exactly like a BCS but a cheaper ~2L. Haven’t been able to get enough reviews online.

I have visited a local dealer and checked out VST Shakthi Models and Husqvarna. VST Tillers while they are multi-functional, their size is a bit of a worry especially in the case of usage in veg farming. If any of you own/ have used power tillers, kindly share me your experiences. Experts, advise please !

Ashwath Ramesh