Poultry feed plant & Machinery

Any one who has idea for the set up of plant to manufacture poultry feed, fish meal and cattle feed.

want complete detail and project report.

please contact me through email happypankaj at gmail dot com.

mobile no. 9423091000

We can provide (Rent Only) Livestock Breeding Shed for Green House Farming ,Poultry (Boiler & Layer),Goat, Sericulture etc + AGRO FARM SHED with 55 HP POWER Near Dabaspet ,Bangalore, Karnataka + Call :974 3605 888.

If required, mbm and bone meal for preparing feed then let me know…i can arrange best quality available in india…

We can offer both single feed production machine and customized complete feed production line for making poultry feed, fish feed and cattle feed. For more information through whatsapp 0086-13782761576