Pot Hissa Watap

pls let me know Pot Hissa Watap procedure.

Do you have a separate 7/12 Utara in your name?
Then you can get the possession by applying for Pot Hissa Mojni at the Survey office.

In case you wish to get your name entered separately, then you will need to apply at the Tehsildar’s office.

7/12 is not separated yet. It contains names of other family members also including me.
In this scenario can I go for Pot Hissa Mojni. To whome I should apply. pls

If the Utara is in Joint Names (samaik), then you need to make an application at the Tehsildar’s office for the division/separation of your share in the joint property.

You need to take the latest copy of Utara and approach the Tehsildar’s office.
Without knowing your share in the joint property, you can not apply for Pot Hissa mojni.