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Good Day All,

We have a small patch of 1200 sqy in Hyderabad city limits.  Presently the plot is filled with construction debris.  It has a bore well and a boundary wall around.

The current occupants are 6 goats, a dozen chicken and a caretaker couple.  We want to experiment with permaculture principles and grow some vegetables and trees.

It is possible to rejuvenate this patch of land with the available goat and chicken waste; or is there anything else required.

Experts, please help and thanks to all in advance.

I don’t know the amount of debris or even the kind of debris it is, but if you can arrange it so that it can form a sort of landscape or a informal base, it might save you a lot of cost and trouble to have it removed.
But Hey !! What a great idea. I wish I was there . I would have enjoyed my self.  You have plenty of land to do permaculture in

Regards and Good Luck,
Dinesh Balgi

Thank you sir your enthusiasm in learning Latest Technologies. But this Land holding  may not be sufficient for your activity.
Kindly go through the Link provided here under about Permaculture .

permaculturedesigntraining.c … nfirmation

Thank you With Best Wishes,
for vasudha Green Farms,

Excuse me, sir !!
I have no interest in your property , WHATSOEVER !!
I just mentioned that I would be glad to do that kind of pastime (assuming I had nothing else better to do).
BTW, your property is 3 times more than any permaculturist would want to survive on.
Please don’t show me something that you have read out of a book and know nothing about.
Good bye !!!

Thanks both Ms. Dibba and Mr. Manne,

The debris is demolition / construction waste, the land is leveled and there is some general weed growth.

I will continue my effort of improving the land by adding bio degradable waste, organic mulching, goat / chicken manure and will try to post pictures whenever possible.

Also planning to add a small pond in view of the coming summer for the native fauna.

Meanwhile, please continue guiding me in my weekend pastime on ways to improve the present land without the need for excavation.

Will continue to learn as I go along by visiting this forum,  thanks to all the contributors and to all who viewed my post.