Post harvest technology for vegetables

Dear All,

We are harvesting various vegetables in open field, Please help us how can we manage the post harvest and storage(effectively) .
As at present after harvest we are bound to sell it.
mainly we are dealing with the below vegetables

  1. Tomato
  2. Green Chill
  3. Brinjal
  4. Coriander
  5. Bottle Gourd
    Thanks in advance

What volume? if it is a smaller volume see below links … inventors/

Thanks but yield is more around 500 Kg tomato per day and around 100 kg each for brinjal and chilli

there is a discussion on topic on our forum, I am trying to serach. it is about constructing a tank with insulation of bamboos and cover with banboo planks.

I will try post the link if i find it you can also search it.

I found it see below links … 5/#msg9255 … CAgQ_AUoAQ
collections.infocollections.org_ukedu_uk_d_Jii01ee_4.4.h.pdf (531 KB)