Possible challenges/threats for Farming in barren land in Tamilnadu

Dear Friends

Am in process to aquire barren land or coconut farm in Thirunelveli dist, My plan is to start integrated farming.

can u pls help me to identify possible threats/challenges in Thirunelveli dist

I have identified few

  1. labour is already Rs 300/day

  2. Water scarcity, This district is notorious for drought/less rain. if lucky a good water resource can be availed by bore well/open well.

  3. Heavy power cut. 18-20 hours power cut. As solution may solar/gobar gas to be arranged

if any thing more to identify pls help


Dear rmathewsin,

Labour - You should have permanent labour rather than temporary labour.  Permanent labour is possible only if you have year round work, otherwise, temporary labour is preferred.  Permanent labour will come within 3000-5000 Rs/month Range(hopefully).

Water scarcity - You have to plan for water harvesting methods for long term resolution.

Power Cut - Everybody knows in TN the situation is worrisome but hopeflly by the next few years it will become a thing of the past.

All the above depends on the land size you are acquiring and the plan for farming in it.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Dear Padmanabhanji,

thanks lot for valuable advise.

Regarding labour well noted.

land size aprx 25-30 acer.

regarding water hope so to do rain water harvesting and recharge the land. And for power cut will work out whether solar panel or bio engine basis gober gas be worked out or not an hope fully in coming years power cut issue will be solved,

will bother you more once land aquition completed


Basically we would like to draw your attention that similar conditions exist in Saudi Arabia/Gaza/Israel etc yet they are able to grow plants and export its produce to many countries worldwide.

Their methods is an key to saving water and this has been implemeted in one big farm in N.India also.

This process is called Mulching using Mulch mats for each tree.I had done this for Kinnows plants in Haryana whose produce is being exported directly to USA -Many in India do not even know what is Kinnows fruits which is like oranges but are not oranges.

We used specially treated woven mats with special methods of laying on the ground around trees so that drip irrigation pipe passes beneath the mats.What happens is that the drip irrigation is operated once a day only.The moisture at roots is preserved and drawn by trees only when necessary.Retention of moisture keeps the ground live and fertilisers (if used ) will also percolate to the roots.

Specific advantages are:1.Water conservation. 2. Fertilisers evaporation is prevented due to this mat as cover.3.No parasite nematodes(white powder like marks on trees/leaves) can grab all the foods of the trees from roots.Trees stay healthy and the mats can be reused for two seasons-[b] roughly two years.4.Air exchange to roots will help in faster growth- not possible when films are used.

We do not advise use of plastic films as it is being banned by govts (plastic bags ban) , also it cannot withstand windy conditions on coasts and flyaway to be eaten by goats etc.




Dear Venkatji

thanks lot for such a valuable information