Portal changed and not receiving tha Mails and is not USER FRIENDLY


Since 4-5 Months I am not Receiving Mails from Farmnest .com. Kindly enlighten us the Reasons there for. Earlier it was user friendly. Now this Portal is cumbersome and could
not go through the items interested. Kindly enlightened the Reasons there for.


Welcome to change! - the new forum is bound to be a bit uncomfortable to start with, but we believe you will soon see the benefits with its features and mobile friendliness. 87% of the voted members feel so per this thread and actually some changed their response to be more welcoming of the change as they got used to the new site :wink:

If you are not receiving emails, please add the email id discuss at farmnest to your addressbook. Set your email and notification preferences by clicking your profile picture/alphabet on top right and then clicking preferences as below. We are not sending out the weekly newsletter to avoid email overload since this forum sends a digest as per your preference.


We are very Sorry to inform you Mr. Chandra,
After Changing the site it is not User Friendly and is not attractive to the Users.


when we not share properly anything how to improve farming business. very confuse on reply or send emails.


Dear Mr. Manne,

Thanks for your feedback again.

Can you start listing down the pain points you are facing and any suggestions on what you would like to see.

Also specify whether you are using this in computer or phone.

That way we can try to make specific areas easier to user.


Thank you sir, for your interest on our Services.!

*Thank you Very Much Mr. Chandra Garu for Your *
Prompt Response.!

*For almost all the Mails I am using Computer only. *
*Earlier before **Changing the site, we used to get *
Mails with daily postings.

*Now we are not getting the Same. Further earlier *
*on a discussion **on any point we could found *
*all the Postings on that issue, but now it is not *
*available. *

*The Problems I am facing may be I am not a computer *
*Professional except **user. *

*Kindly ensure that the mails with latest Postings *
*are going to all the Member **in the Group if it is possiable. *

Thank you With regards,
MANNE.SN http://MANNE.SN.,B.Com.,LLB.,
for Vasudha Green Farms,
A Reliable Farm Consultant in Hyderabad