POOCHI MARANDU herbal solution recipe

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( As Padmanabhan Ganeshan mentioned about this I thought I will post this.I dont own this I just copied and pasted from a litrature)

Poochimarandu is a plant based herbal insecticide used against different types of leaf eating and pod boring caterpillers and to some extent against sucking pests. Poochimarandu can be used for all crops and is known to prevent a wide variety of pests on field crops, vegetables and plantation crops. It is also effective against coconut mite when applied at the immature stage of coconut formation. It can also be used as a growth promoter in vegetables.
Ingredients :
Preparation of Poochimarandu :
Material – 1 kg. neem leaves, 1 kg Vitex nigundo(please google for regional names)
leaves, 1 kg. Clerodendron leaves, 1 kg. Calatropis
leaves, 1 kg. Aloe vera, 2 litres water and a plastic drum or a mud container with a lid.
Procedure :
Crush all the leaves separately with required quantity of water. Then mix all the crushed leaf extract into a plastic drum or a mud pot. Add approximately two litres of water and stir the entire solution thoroughly. Close the lid of the container and keep this solution for
seven days by stirring the solution once in a day upto seven days. Then filter the solution and use it to spray the crops. This solution must be used within a period of three months.
Usage :
60 ml. of poochimarandu solution is mixed in 1 litres of water and sprayed to the crop. The mixture can be used twice in a period of 10-
12 days interval if the pest attack is on a high scale. As a precautionary measure, it has to be sprayed during flowering and earhead emergence stage.

Preparation of Poochimarandu : Material – 1 kg. neem leaves,(Vepa) 1 kg Vitex nigundo (VAVILI)leaves, 1 kg. Clerodendron leaves,) 1 kg. alatropis (Gilledu)leaves, 1 kg. Aloe vera,(Alovera)
Thank you Sir SRI Garu for Your Posting of " Poochi Marandu" Organic Insecticide.We got the meaning of all the leaves  which were shown in our Posting. But we could not get the Name/Meaning of  “Clerodendron leaves” in Telugu.Kindly enlighten us the Name of “Clerodendron leaves” in Telugu if Imposable sir.
for Vasudha Green Farms,

Hello friends,

Recently, I came to know about “Poochimanrandu” an herbal solution which acts as an insecticide and growth promoter for vegetables through “Sustainable Agricultural Practices” book by green foundation Bangalore.

Preparation of Poochimarandu :

Material – 1 kg. neem leaves, 1 kg Vitex nigundo leaves, 1 kg. Clerodendron leaves, 1 kg. Calatropis leaves, 1 kg. Aloe vera, 2 litres water and a plastic drum or a mud container with a lid.

I want to prepare this solution and test its uses to vegetable crops. But 2 ingredients Vitex nigundo and clerodendron leaves were not found in my area.

Can anyone help me find these herbs?

Did anyone of our members do try this herbal solution? If yes please share your experience here.

Answers for Sadhu’s Question

Vitex Niegundo Names and picture
commonly known as: five-leaved chaste tree, Indian privet • Assamese: আজ্ঞাচিত্ত agyachitta, পচতীয়া posotiya • Bengali: নিসিন্দা nishinda • Gujarati: નગોડ nagod • Hindi: इन्द्राणी indrani, निर्गुण्ठी nirgunthi, सम्भालू sambhalu • Kannada: ಇನ್ದ್ರಾಣಿ indrani, ಕರಿ ಲಕ್ಕಿ kari lakki, ಲಕ್ಕಿ ಗಿಡ lakki gida • Konkani: निंगुड nimgud, निर्गुंडी nirgundi • Malayalam: കരിനൊച്ചി karinocchi, നൊച്ചി nocchi • Manipuri: urik shibi • Marathi: इंद्राणी indrani, निगूड niguda, निर्गुंडी nirgundi • Mizo: thingkhawilupa • Nepalese: सिमाली simali • Oriya: ବେଗୁନିଆ begunia, ନିର୍ଗୁଣ୍ଡୀ nirgundi • Pali: निग्गुंडी niggundi, सिंदुवार sinduvara • Punjabi: ਮਰਵੰਦੇ marwande, ਨੀਨਦੀ nindi, ਸਮਭਾਲੂ sambhalu • Sanskrit: इन्द्राणी indrani, निर्गुण्डि nirgundi • Tamil: கருநொச்சி karu-nocci, நொச்சி nocci • Telugu: నిర్గుండి nirgundi, శంబళి sambali, సిందువారము sinduvaramu, వావిలి vavili

Yesterday i attended a local krishimela. Animal husbandary dept had a stall. They displyaed all above plants. They have the saplings also. If you search in your location also you will definitely get it.

Hello chandra,

You proved that this website is really a People’s website. Thankyou and sri2012.

sri2012 what is the meaning of poochimarandu.

Our farmers are wasting huge money in chemical fertilizers and posionous pesticides. It is our responsibility to drive them towards organic/natural/zbnf whatever we can call that but away from chemical farming.

As per my sources karnataka govt. got very good initiation towards natural/organic farming. I see many of our members came to know about palekar and fukoku. These people understood nature cause perfectly and believed that NATURE GOES ITS COURSE.

Chandra if you happen to see BHOOMIPUTRA son of soil program from MAA TV. Majority of the farmers who got success in farming adopted palekar/fukoku’s methods atleast at a minimum scale. Our ancient history provided the best knowledge resource about agriculture practices which our forefathers implemented and got succeeded. But now our farmers lost temper,  vigilance,modesty and patience, got hyped by the social changes(technology,entertainment, amusements etc) resulting our mother country INDIA supplicate its own riches(farmers and quality food).

Professionally I am computer systems administrator in central govt. worked at visakhapatnam RMS. I want my life to be meaningful,thus wanted to educate/drive/lead our farmers through our ancient and best in class agricultural practices. I did hurt their EGO by doing so. Hence, I decided to DO IT MYSELF and prove to our farmers. Before starting I want to get ready with all the asthras our Vrikshayurveda suggested.

So I stand before you all pleading for your guidance.           

Thank you one and all.

Poochimarandu is a Tamil word. I guessed it like this. Poochi=Worm/insect  marandu=Medicine.  Correct me TN members.

Thanks sadhu.
I think the key is demonstrating the efficacy of the natural methods for them to be adopted.


Yes, you are correct. So that when I start my farming soon, I will post every detail to our forum members. I am open to other methods also so that I searching for poochimarandu and some other ancient methods.