Polyhouse for sale in Sangareddy, Hyderabad



I am planning to sell my Farm with fully built polyhouse with 2 staff quarters and one personal room.
We have only used for 1 crop and due to some personal reasons wanted to sell that. The total land is 2 acres and in which 1 acre is polyhouse. It is located very near to national highway. We can see the highway from the farm and it is situated only 6 kilometers from Sangareddy. The merits of the farm have been mentioned below and contact me for any questions and site visit. In polyhouse, we can make 10lakhs profit in 1 year, which I feel it is definitely possible

  1. Total land is 2 acres
  2. 1 acre full polyhouse
  3. Drip and foggers from Netafim
  4. 3 rooms total. Each room 10FT X 18FT. independent bathrooms 2 available
  5. Borewell, water at the depth of 50-60FT. full water pressure(3” inch)
  6. Water pond 20FT X 10FT X 9FT
  7. 7 HP motor in farm pond
  8. 2 power connections (3 phase)
  9. Solar fencing throughout the farm
  10. Majeera river body very near to the farm, we can take water from river directly 365 days
  11. 24hrs free electricity available
  12. Red soil inside the polyhouse
  13. Cow dung spread throughout the farm
  14. Very near to MNR Medical hospital and JNTU engineering college
    I am moving overseas that reason I am selling this. The local land rate(just land rate) is 20lakhs/acre


Hi Arvind garu:
First off, Congratulations on your move to seek greener pastures. Hope you gain health, wealth and happiness there!

Secondly, from your sale profile, it really seems that you put in a lot of effort, and if you had stayed on, you would have made a huge success of your project.

When are you leaving? Would it be possible to see the farm and meet you also at the same time, because it would help us to get your guidance to achieve the projections that you have lined up.

The price seems reasonable for the effort you have put in (i am not committing!!! though, as is part of human urge/greed)

But if, by God’s grace, we could come to an understanding, my payment terms are immediate.

Please do respond at the earliest, so we could meet. You could call me anytime on the number mentioned below.

939 339 6669


Hi Ajay garu,

Thanks for your response.

Sure we can meet at my farm when ever is good for you

Feel free to call me a day before when you intend to come down.

I am however planning for planting marigold saplings in the coming week

Let me know when we can talk.



Hi Arvind garu,
i am having interest to take on lease basis if you are interested send me a message so we will discus about it.

best wishes for new journey to overseas.

Best regards,


Hi Aravind, is it still available?


what is price ?



Hi Sir,

Is this still available?