Polyhouse cooling system

Hi All,

I have been growing tomatoes in my backyard for a few years. But tomato is a seasonal crop and doesn’t grow when it’s summer and temperature goes above 30 degree celsius. So this year I have made a polyhouse for growing tomatoes. I have setup a fogging system in it with ventilation fans to cool down the heat.

Now the problem is that temperature goes down for a few degrees and becomes 28 - 29 C. This temperature is fine in daytime but at night tomatoes prefer temperature between 18 - 21C. No matter how much i run my fogging system or fan and pad system, the temperature doesn’t go below 27 C at night. And thats killing my tomato plants.

I see some flowers but flowers abort and don’t turn into fruits due to hot nights.

What do you guys do to cool down polyhouse at night?

hi abhi

im very much interested in growing tomato in PH,could u share ur views and details about ur plant

and for your problem i will search through internet & will share my opinion with u
i cant get ur word there if the temp is 18-21,y do u want it below 27 its already 21C<27C ??


Please contact us at 098722384170.  We are associated with an International company in Pune which has successfully managed temperature control inside the polyhouse for berries including tomatoes.  Alternatively, you can write to us at abhirutu@gmail.com with your plant details and we can help you connect with the said company.

Sorry, please read the correct phone No. as 09822394170