Pole Pruner/Pole Saw

I went thru the customer reviews and looks like lots of them complain abt battery life. 10-15 minutes after charging for almost a day! Is it really a good buy? Are there any good ones available locally in India. Any input is appreciated.

amazon.com/Black-Decker-LPP1 … ewpoints=0


reviews you shud hav read before ordering my friend.
A bettery operated product is always a risky proposition, a;ways opt for a petrol or a electric, battery is okay for garden maint. produts.
Amazon service is out of the world very courteous very pro customer, only flaw is the capitalistic no option for buyer policy.
If you find a buyer for your pole saw dispose it off till it is new, or order a few more batteries, this will solve the issue of work time, but still wont giv you service like a petrol or electric implement.

I haven’t bought one yet and was just mentioning that the reviews aren’t that great.
Hopefully I can find a better one that is non-electrical in India.


Hi All,

@ biju
Yes you are right, the reviews are bad, and I have bought Nicad battery so it will be worse than a lithium Ion. I am not sure how these reviews are written, they claim 10 -20 minutes so if that is continuous operation then It is sufficient for me as for every cut it will take approx 15 sec. so approx I can get 40 cuts which will be good for 2-3 trees. Considering 200 working days it will be 600 trees atleast. and 1 to 2 hours of work a day, Which I can do myself or person incharge so no extra expenditure on labor.

Options in India

  1. Battery operated – None

  2. petrol – Sthil        Arnd 50K
                      Sharpex  Arnd 35K
                      Hitachi    Arnd 30K
                      Troy bilt  Arnd 20 [Multipurpose engine] + 8K attachment
        Ofcourse There will be subsidy on this, after deducting all the subsidies I have found minimum would be arnd 21K for Hitachi but then the Hitachi length is not very good.

  3. Electrical :
        1) Troy bilt attachment with Wolfgarten multipurpose motor.
        2) Sharpex

P.S. The prices are not accurate.

@ rajimpex,
Battery operated devices may not be the best for Agri operations but it will not be a big change if we want to replace the Battery with normal lead acid or Sealed batteries with a voltage regulator of course with a wire connecting the battery and the tool. This would be a semi chorded solution, Which I feel is better than Electrical as Power in india is not reliable and the battery can be charged at farm using small portable solar panels.

I will do the above experiment and update all of you if its feasible. But it will take some time.

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Hi All,

Update after the first day usage.

The company claims that it requires a few charge cycles to attain 100% charge.
So Assuming 80% charge.
With one charge I was able to trim 4 trees with small branches upto 1" dia to a height of 15 - 18 feet.
Once recharged battery for 3 hrs and was able to prune 1 tree with 5-6 branches of 6" dia each.

There is no indicator on the charger hence there is no way to find if the battery  is completely charged or not.

I will post more updates in the coming weeks.



i just watch this video on pole pruner and thought to share with u guys.hope it will good.

Thanks & Regards:

Rakesh Kumar
Vill. Bishanpur,
Udham Singh Nagar

Thanks for the link.

But the pruner in this video is a manual one.
The one I would be interested is a pole saw, [Having a chain saw at the end of the pole]